There's a method to our madness but what is it?

All of our work can be divided into three clear areas - they work so well, we've made them our three core pillars! 


These allow us to deconstruct your project into smaller parts and craft an immersive experience which will truly bring every element to life for your target audience.

Great Ideas

By generating these....


Gorgeous Creative

And designing this....


Engaging Training

We deliver this.

  • The Method

    "A pile of rocks ceases to be rock when somebody contemplates it with the idea of a cathedral in mind" - Antoine De St-Exupery

    In order to help you learn, we learn first. About you; your people, your culture, your challenges, what success means for you and what put you on this journey to start with.


    Then comes the idea - a way to bring your story to life in a memorable and lasting way. Before we develop and design anything, we consider all the possible pathways that your project could take and what will make it a resounding success. 

    We'll use the approach that best suits you, which includes;

    • Behavioural Psychology

    • Brain-friendly learning

    • Tried & tested models

    • Innovative learning techniques

    • Natural curiosity

    • Playful solutions

  • The Art

    "The brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text" - 3M Corporation

    Every project we work on has a unique 'identity' which provides continuity between all elements and is proven to increase levels of engagement and the retention of knowledge. The identity gives your people a core to tie their learning to, refer back to and talk about long after our journey together has ended.


    Initially a simple concept, the identity is then developed and refined over the project process timeline. Once fully formed, this identity is then layered across every inch of the project, creating powerful visuals and messaging tools across all forms of activity. 

    This could be showcased across;


    • Activity materials

    • Banners or Posters

    • Video or Animation

    • Vinyl Gameboard mats 

    • Digital materials

  • The Story

    "Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn" - Benjamin Franklin


    We've done the thinking and we've designed the visuals - this is where the action comes in. 


    We bring your story to life in a new way for your people, immersing them in the key messages and engaging them on multiple levels at once. Our approach is proven to increase learning transfer by up to 300%. 

    Some of the methods we can engage;

    • Storytelling

    • Expert facilitation

    • Digital, Face to Face or Blended

    • Immersive activity

    • Train the facilitator sessions

    • Physical problem solving

    A clear set of outcomes and measures rounds-off our journey to review the business improvement and success our projects deliver.

Our Project Process

The Method, The Art and The Story come together to form our project process. This is something which frames our work, whatever the project we're engaged with, keeping you in the loop at every stage.

Now you've seen our approach, head on over and see what we specialise in...

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