Bo Duncan-Scott

Chairman (Basket-based)

Bo is a sleeping partner at Acceler8 Training. At first glance, it may appear that he delivers on that job description every day but on closer inspection you will soon notice the Bo is the backbone of the office. He chases any unpaid invoices and ensures that everyone in the building is aware he is in. He’s definitely a people person, providing said people have biscuits!


In all seriousness, Bo’s story is an inspiring one. He was rescued as a stray in Portugal and had mostly given up on life before being saved by an organisation called AEZA. Up to that point he had been surviving on cakes and pastries left out for him by the lady in the cake shop. An organisation called Helping Paws arranged for him to come on an adventure to the UK where David and Chris adopted him. He changed their lives just as much as they changed his – and the rest is history.

Brighton HQ

Mocatta House, Trafalgar Place, 

Brighton, BN1 4DU,

United Kingdom

+44 1273 443808

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