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We love what we do and it's great to see our clients just as happy with the end result. 

Take a look below at some of the work we've done in the past.

Leadership & Management

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Leadership &
Induction &

Manager Designate Programme

If you’ve ever purchased furniture, you will be familiar with the name DFS. As an organisation they really value their people and invited Acceler8 to support them with their ‘Manager Designate Programme’.

Being an Inclusive Manager

With so much focus on diversity and protected characteristics, it is sometimes easy to forget that exclusion can occur in many other circumstances too. 

A Management Journey

It can be daunting to be in a people management role with little or no experience. It can be equally daunting if you have some experience but then are placed into a new team.

Employee Engagement


Engaging with Performance

If you’re trying to revolutionise how you manage performance across your organisation, you will also know that you only really have one chance to make a big splash. Our approach to launching and managing performance conversations for our client did exactly that.

Circles of Diversity

Diversity & Inclusion means different things to different people. We can all benefit from a better understanding of those around us and we all have a right to feel psychologically safe to be our authentic selves at work.

Diversity & Inclusion Case Study Acceler8

D&I that Makes You Smile

One of the hottest topics of the '20s, Diversity and Inclusion was on the lips of another of our clients when they gave us a call. Our pre-emptive workshop was designed to engage participants in conversations that increase awareness, highlight perspectives and encourage a deeper sense of inclusion.

Customer Experience


The Service Radar

When Caesars Hospitality approached us, we have to admit were excited. Some iconic casinos, a globally recognised brand and a unique challenge too. We designed a programme to give colleagues the confidence and tools they needed to actively seek guest feedback, so that brilliant satisfaction scores were sustainable.

A Service Revolution

Any hospitality business is made or broken by the service it provides to guests and customers. Amba Hotels, Thistle, Thistle Express and Guoman Hotels all sit under the overall glh umbrella and wanted to focus on customer service to improve guest satisfaction and guest experience. ‘Can Do. Will Do’ achieved exactly that.

Induction & Onboarding


Big Induction. Big Game.

If you don’t recognise Splendid Hospitality as an everyday brand you connect with,  you will certainly recognise the brands they operate in the hospitality sector. Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Conrad, Hilton, easyHotel… just some of the global brands that formed the property portfolio. SHG knew that their people deserved an incredible induction experience.

Essence of a Global Induction

There are so many benefits of a fantastic onboarding experience. When you need to deliver that across Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia – it becomes even more challenging. We created a scaleable, game-based induction experience to be delivered to thousands of new starters across the region.

The Mandrake Hotel Induction Case Study Acceler8

An Induction in Luxury

Renowned (and award winning) for its luxury interior and exterior spaces, they encourage every guest to "Stay Beyond Yourself" and get lost in the beauty contained in every facet of the hotel. Knowing each guest experienced a truly unique time at The Mandrake, they wanted to ensure their team connected to the very core of the brand from start of their journey and experienced the same uniqueness for themselves.

More! Induction & Onboarding 

The Knowledge Board

 Every organisation, no matter how large or small, has a different set of challenges that need to be overcome to deliver a great experience. New colleagues want to feel a sense of belonging to the organisation they have joined, they don’t need day one to be overwhelming and they want to leave at the end of the day knowing they have made the right choice for their career.


Lifesaving Learning

Sometimes you are too close to your own business and need fresh eyes and innovative thought to help you achieve your goals. We were invited by NHS Blood & Transplant to review the learning pathways for their Nurses and Donor Carers – with a view to making recommendations to further develop the learning experience in response to an accelerated recruitment phase.