15below Leadership & Management Case Study Acceler8

A Management Journey


It can be daunting to be in a people management role with little or no experience. It can be equally daunting if you have some experience but then are placed into a new team. Our ‘Management Journey’ programme for 15below addressed exactly that scenario and has become a staple development programme for the organisation.

Project Lead: Chris

Chris - Consulting Director Acceler8

The Challenge

We were initially approached by the organisation early in the Acceler8 story. We weren’t successful with that pitch, but we stayed in touch and soon another opportunity presented itself to us.


The challenge the company faced was not uncommon. A number of managers were in a newly developed structure and many had been promoted internally. Whilst all were eager to manage brilliantly, there was a perception that some additional development would offer support in key areas.

15below Leadership & Management Case Study Acceler8

The Journey

We were given a really clear brief, detailing the key learning that was needed. We of course asked lots of questions and we arrived at exactly the same conclusion, so the design of the programme began.


We covered the key areas of engagement, emotional intelligence, coaching, time management and built the ‘Manager Journey’ – a portfolio of 4 sessions that were delivered facilitated by Acceler8 over a 4 month period.


We were really conscious that we wanted to have lots of safe and honest conversations so we created a toolkit for each session, along with an anchor of four psychologically different characters that allowed us to explore different challenges in the third person. This enabled each of the participants to have key ‘takeaways’ to support learning transfer back in the workplace.


We drew on recognised models and created some of our own to support the learning for each topic. As you would expect, gorgeous creative learning tools cemented that experience for the participants.


After the first cohort, we reviewed the learning and reduced the content into three sessions to respond to operational restrictions and delivered again – with equally brilliant results.

15below Leadership & Management Case Study Acceler8

The Change

We had some great news when we reviewed the efficacy of this programme. A number of participants described some of the conversations they had been able to have with their teams, which resulted in behavioural change. The culture in the organisation remains unbeatable and there is a real connection between the managers and their teams.

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