Epson Induction Case Study Acceler8

The Essence of a Global Induction


There are so many benefits of a fantastic onboarding experience. When you need to deliver that across Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia – it becomes even more challenging. We created a scaleable, game-based induction experience to be delivered to thousands of new starters across the region.

Project Lead: Chris

Chris - Consulting Director Acceler8

The Challenge

Geography was the first challenge. We were asked to create an induction experience that would work across the EMEAR region, where learners all had different expectations.

We needed to create a one day, immersive experience that was different to anything that had gone before. It needed to align to every aspect of company culture across a complex organisation. We had a relatively short timeframe to be able to deliver this too.


As you would expect with such an important project, there were plenty of stakeholders to satisfy too.


All of this would need to be considered when putting together an induction experience that would be capable of winning awards. The brief was set – an immersive induction experience, delivered in a face to face environment that was different to anything colleagues will have seen before, and an experience that conveys everything they need to know to be successful in a complex organisation.

Epson Induction Case Study Acceler8

The Journey

The immersion stage of this project proved to be vital in gaining a deep understanding of this complex and outstanding organisation. Stakeholder interviews, SME working groups, learner focus groups and lots of desk based research resulted in a clear scoping document that outlined our understanding of the client culture and the learner preferences and aspirations.


From there we crafted our high level design that looked at each aspect of brand values, Japanese culture, sustainability, workplace culture and the general feeling of being welcomed to the complex world of Epson. We’d decided to propose a game-based learning experience, using a game board as the basis of the day, with plenty of high energy activities within the learning environment to stimulate learning.


From there we created a portfolio of creative learning tools that supported the Detailed Final Design of the programme. The beautifully crafted game-board was equipped with everything you need to run a learning game effectively. There were floor puzzles, banners and giant postcards amongst the activity goody-box too.


The pilot session provided valuable feedback from the learner perspective, with very few changes needed. Epson now have a world-class induction experience that reflects their brilliant organisation and sets new colleagues up for success much more quickly.

Epson Induction Case Study Acceler8

The Change

As the pandemic hit just as the project was coming to a close, it is too early to share outcomes. We already know that we have hit the brief though, the client testimonial speaks for itself.

Acceler8 came up with a brilliant proposal that took into consideration the company culture and the latest trends in the training industry. During our collaboration, they proved to be good listeners and ready to act on the client feedback. The solution they provided for us was delivered at a very high standard and I would like to recommend them to any company that is looking for creative, out of the box solutions to develop their people. Thank you Acceler8!

Diana Munteanu

Talent Development Partner

Epson Europe BV

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