Caesars Customer Experience Case Study Acceler8

The Service Radar: Raising The Bar

Caesars Entertainment

When Caesars Hospitality approached us, we have to admit we were excited. Some iconic casinos, a globally recognised brand and a unique challenge too. We designed a programme to give colleagues the confidence and tools they needed to actively seek guest feedback, so that brilliant satisfaction scores were sustainable.

Project Lead: Chris

Chris - Consulting Director Acceler8

The Challenge

Guest satisfaction scores were near to the perfect 100% across the board. Guests were flocking to the casinos and enjoying their gaming time. So what was the training need?

The challenge for Caesars was unique. There was a risk attached to the satisfaction scores – when they are riding high, there is the obviously challenge of keeping them there. There was also a thought in the business that maybe feedback was less proactive from guests that looked like they weren’t always enjoying themselves.


We needed to provide an engaging and innovative session that gave confidence to ignite service recovery long before a guest might have the desire to complain. There had been some service training before and anything that we designed needed to be different to that so that service training fatigue could be avoided.

Caesars Customer Experience Case Study Acceler8

The Journey

First of all, we learnt the language of the organisation. It’s always important to us to reflect local language in anything we design. Once that was completed, we started to craft the workshop that would explore the concept of service recovery and create a sense of ‘wow’ about the brand amongst colleagues.


Engaging training and gorgeous creative learning tools pair as naturally as a full bodied red and a ripe stilton – so that’s exactly the approach we took. We decided on a completely immersive set of activities that created energy, movement and a change of state for participants.


We developed some unique concepts that refined the service recovery approach and would support outstanding guest experiences – for the purposes of intellectual property we will keep those to ourselves for now…


We tested, we facilitated and then we showcased the session to the champions in each casino that would own the delivery of the session for their colleagues. We had a huge amount of fun on that Train The Trainer – an interactive masterclass in brilliant facilitation with fantastically confident delivery back. 

That was just the start – we then produced and shipped a full set of learning materials to each location in readiness for the launch of the programme. All on time, all accurate and all fantastic quality.

Caesars Customer Experience Case Study Acceler8

The Change

Feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive. The satisfaction scores were maintained at a high level, with even more interaction with guests. Colleagues have become more confident in service and all are using the tools provided to keep a close eye on what is happening on the gaming floor around them. 

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