Employee Engagement Diversity & Inclusion Case Study Acceler8

Circles of Diversity

Global Insurance Sector

Diversity & Inclusion means different things to different people. We can all benefit from a better understanding of those around us and we all have a right to feel psychologically safe to be our authentic selves at work.


The ‘Circles of Diversity’ workshop for a global insurance company introduced the core elements of diversity and inclusion and got the conversation started.

Project Lead: Marcus

Marcus - Creative Director Acceler8

The Challenge

It’s always difficult to address an issue that doesn’t actually exist. The client approached us as they wanted to provide development for their people to boost diversity and inclusion, whilst acknowledging that it wasn’t currently a major issue. They wanted to take proactive steps to educate and develop so that situation remained the same.


They wanted a compact, informative and thought provoking session that would highlight where equality, diversity and inclusion could potentially be compromised and to take steps to encourage the open, honest and fun environment that they wanted to protect.

Employee Engagement Diversity & Inclusion Case Study Acceler8

The Journey

After gaining a deeper understanding of everything that the client felt was important in their culture and in the workplace, we started to design the learning experience. As the group size was going to be fairly large, we proposed an activity-led experience with high energy and impactful learning content.


The key to bringing this to life was always going to be in the creative learning tools. Floor mats, pop up banners and the now world famous ‘comfortometer’ were designed alongside high quality card activities that meant the learning was literally in the hands of the participant.


The final design included a comprehensive facilitator guide, high quality creative tools and some more retro engagement techniques – giving a true blend of learning to participants.


The quality of the design also meant it was really straightforward to take the experience into the virtual classroom when the pandemic meant that face to face classroom training was temporarily halted.

Employee Engagement Diversity & Inclusion Case Study Acceler8

The Change

It’s too soon to measure the impact of the experiences for the client, however we are already discussing the next steps in their equality, diversity and inclusion strategy.

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