CRU Induction Case Study Acceler8

Induction projects are not all the same. Every organisation, no matter how large or small, has a different set of challenges that need to be overcome to deliver a great experience.


There’s also some commonality. New colleagues want to feel a sense of belonging to the organisation they have joined, they don’t need day one to be overwhelming and they want to leave at the end of the day knowing they have made the right choice for their career.


The Knowledge Board was born.

The Challenge

CRU International needed an induction experience that engaged learners with everything they needed to know about ‘The Firm’ and introduce them to the business in a fun, informal and effective way. The experience would be a day long and would need to be scaleable for some countries that have fewer new colleagues.


There would be great opportunity to celebrate the success of ‘The Firm’ throughout their history and to really get under the skin of the core values and what they mean to each colleague.


Later in the project, the experience would also need to be delivered equally as effectively in the virtual classroom.

Project Lead - The Knowledge Board: Marcus

Marcus - Creative Director Acceler8

Project Lead - Virtual Classroom: Chris

Chris - Consulting Director Acceler8
CRU Induction Case Study Acceler8

The Journey

We started with a micro-immersion. Lots of desk-based research and some clarity calls with the learning team. We chose micro-immersion as they project had a tight timeline for delivery – and the approach gave us everything we needed to complete the first stage of the project.


From that vantage point we designed the framework of the session for the client to review. In that document we took time to describe each stage of the experience, the creative learning tools we suggested using and how each activity would work, as well as providing the structure and flow of the session content.


That was signed off quickly so the Detailed Design was put together. This project would be delivered by the client, so we produced a comprehensive Facilitator Guide, all of the creative learning tools and showcased the final design to the team so that they could see how each element was intended to be experienced.

In May 2020 we were then asked if we could ‘translate’ the session to be more effective in a virtual classroom. We have lots of experience in this area, so used our knowledge of how to get the best out of the virtual environment whilst maintaining the integrity of the original experience. Some changes to the activities, a few new activities added in, and a shortening of the workshop duration resulted in a brilliantly engaging experience that was pandemic safe and future proof.

CRU Induction Case Study Acceler8

The Change

The induction experience was so successful, the client didn’t want to lose the impact so made the decision to go for a re-design for the virtual environment. This means the experience can be more agile so new colleagues in different countries can be assured of the same immersive experience.

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