GLH Customer Experience Case Study Acceler8

A Service Revolution - Can Do. Will Do.

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Any hospitality business is made or broken by the service it provides to guests and customers. Amba Hotels, Thistle, Thistle Express and Guoman Hotels all sit under the overall glh umbrella and wanted to focus on customer service to improve guest satisfaction and guest experience. ‘Can Do. Will Do’ achieved exactly that.

Project Lead: Chris

Chris - Consulting Director Acceler8

The Challenge

The organisation didn’t have enough resource to design and deliver internally in the guest service team. Operational restraints meant that learning had to be fast and effective without impacting operational rosters and as it was a topic that has been delivered regularly by every hotel company in the world, their was a sense of fatigue amongst colleagues at the prospect of more guest service training.  


Our brief was to propose and design a learning experience that was effective across the key areas of guest service, whilst being sustainable. There was a view that, as a continuous cycle of training would be needed for new starters, this would also need a sustainable method of delivery. eLearning was not an option as they focus needed to be on human interaction.

GLH Customer Experience Case Study Acceler8

The Journey

Our service expertise and deep understanding of the client led us to propose three short interventions looking at the foundations of service, service recovery and communication between colleagues. We knew that each of those components would provide a great level of motivation and desire to go the extra mile for a guest as a habit rather than as an exception.


We worked closely with the project sponsor and key stakeholders in the People Team to craft sessions that would be easy to deliver and used some simple engagement techniques so that the session was ‘transportable’ and didn’t need lots of additional training kit to carry around.


Then to the aspect of sustainability and deliverability. We proposed upskilling colleagues to deliver the training to different cohorts. This provided development and motivation for those selected to become training champions and also ensured that an internal resource would be able to deliver the sessions as and when required.


After testing the material across three different sets of pilot sessions, a few minor amendments were made and we were ready to deliver. As part of the upskilling of trainers, we facilitated a ‘Train The Trainer’ session that got everyone to a stage of competence and confidence that was assessed through live delivery back. We always love our train the trainer sessions as you see would-be facilitators grow before your eyes and they atmosphere on delivery back day is electric.


That part of the programme was so successful that the client invested in a further Train The Trainer workshop to accelerate delivery of the programme.

GLH Customer Experience Case Study Acceler8

The Change

Guest satisfaction is easier to measure than ever. In addition to internal measures (all of which showed an increase) there are also many public sites such as Trip Advisor that give a current view of guest experience in those hotels.


Within 4 months of introducing the programme, Amba Charing Cross moved to top spot with all other glh properties showing significant improvements in online rankings. We are no strangers to those hotels in our working lives so we get to observe the training in practice and we are delighted to say that the service principles introduced with ‘Can Do. Will Do’ are alive and well.

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