Diversity and Inclusion Case Study Acceler8

Managing Inclusion in a Human Way

Global Insurance Sector

With so much focus on diversity and protected characteristics, it is sometimes easy to forget that exclusion can occur in many other circumstances too. This Diversity & Inclusion session focussed on all the content you would expect and also added a human element to inclusion – equipping managers with a simple toolkit to have better conversations and manage the contact centre environment more empathetically.

Project Lead: Marcus

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The Challenge

Workplace banter is commonplace, and often valued. There were concerns that although nothing was causing an issue at the present time, there was a risk that it may overstep the mark. An experience was needed to highlight the value that diversity brings and the risk of exclusion without losing the human interaction in the workplace.

Leadership & Management Diversity Case Study Acceler8

The Journey

After a short immersion into the business, we proposed two sessions. One for all colleagues that looked at Diversity and Inclusion in the context of their workplace and also an additional intervention to equip managers with the skills and confidence to manage diversity and inclusion in the workplace.


We pieced together the high level design looking at protected characteristics and the consequences of exclusion – albeit unintentional. We created the ‘comfortometer’ to explore banter in the workplace which became an activity full of energy for participants to openly share their thoughts and reflections.


Then we turned our attention to the manager session. We knew that the managers wanted to show leadership in this area and wanted to create an environment where everyone could thrive. As we crafted the manager workshop, we introduced some key engagement techniques and provided a simple conversation framework that would build engagement and make honest, sometimes difficult conversations, much easier to have.  As always, we designed gorgeous creative learning tools to add an extra layer of engagement to the programme – knowing this will improve learning retention and knowledge transfer.


As with some other key projects in 2020, this then had an urgent requirement to be delivered in a virtual classroom. It became obvious really quickly that the session needed no transformation for the virtual world – it worked perfectly. With a world class facilitator on the screen, we were able to use all of the creative learning tools and use each activity in exactly the way it was intended to be used.

Leadership & Management Diversity Case Study Acceler8

The Change

With remote working as the norm for now, it is quite difficult to measure the impact on the teams. We know that many conversations have been had regularly in the workplace with many colleagues sharing their thoughts and reflections as different world events showcase where Diversity, Inclusion and Equality is an issue.


As a result of those sessions, we will be working on more equality projects with the organisation – making a real difference to working lives.

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