NHS Consulting Case Study Acceler8

Lifesaving Learning

NHS Blood & Transplant

Sometimes you are too close to your own business and need fresh eyes and innovative thought to help you achieve your goals. We were invited by NHS Blood & Transplant to review the learning pathways for their Nurses and Donor Carers – with a view to making recommendations to further develop the learning experience in response to an accelerated recruitment phase.

Project Lead: David

David - Operations Director Acceler8

The Challenge

We are all aware of the pressures on the NHS due to the pandemic. What might be less well known is the role that NHS Blood & Transplant are playing in keeping us all safe. This has resulted in an increase in recruitment to meet demand and the obvious scale challenges for the learning team.

Traditionally delivered in a face to face environment, the approach had already been taken online and the internal team had achieved great things with the resources and time available to them. There was a general consensus that things could be delivered differently and make more efficient use of time – the one piece of the puzzle that was missing was evidence that would even be possible, let alone needed.


So, independent and expert consultancy was required to establish a full review of existing approach and practice and a robust set of recommendations that would make change achievable and appropriate.

NHS Consulting Case Study Acceler8

The Journey

We had to go back to basics for this one. We put our internal team together that comprised of people with significant healthcare and engagement expertise. We then set about reviewing every piece of learning content currently in use along with delivery style and materials used.


With an organisation like the NHS, we knew that stakeholder engagement would be fundamental to the success of the review. We completed in excess of 20 stakeholder calls, numerous working groups and regular leadership team updates to share our thoughts and reflections.


Working with a wide range of experts across the organisation we proposed a clear approach to revolutionise the learning pathways at NHS Blood & Transplant and wrote a detailed report of our findings.


Our recommendations included a complete refresh of learning style and materials to optimise knowledge transfer, using the very latest techniques and approaches. We developed the proposition of a learning Academy with a clear purpose and strategy and provided a clear road map to achieve it in the timeframe available. We re-focused the pathways on a blend of online learning, live simulation and more limited use of virtual classroom to optimise trainer schedules.


Recognising this is a change in approach also meant we provided an outline for an additional learning pathway for the internal learning team to supercharge their confidence and facilitation capability so that those numbers can be met safely and with really engaged learners.

NHS Consulting Case Study Acceler8

The Change

This consultancy project has only recently completed so it is too early to view tangible change.

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