Splendid Induction Case Study Acceler8

Big Induction. Big Game

Splendid Hospitality Group

If you don’t recognise Splendid Hospitality as an everyday brand you connect with,  you will certainly recognise the brands they operate in the hospitality sector. Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Conrad, Hilton, easyHotel… just some of the global brands that formed the property portfolio. SHG knew that their people deserved an incredible induction experience.

Project Lead: Chris

Chris - Consulting Director Acceler8

The Challenge

As a hotel management company that operated different brands under the same management structure, SHG had a unique challenge. Each of the brands provided induction experiences however there was no official ‘welcome’ to SHG for new colleagues so often their perception of employer loyalty was skewed towards the brand they worked within rather than the company they worked for.

As a result, there was a feeling that the SHG values and management approach was somewhat of an unknown quantity with the workforce.


As a result of some internal branding work, a new and innovative onboarding experience was needed to cement the brand values whilst also being respectful of the individual brand experiences that would be required.

Splendid Induction Case Study Acceler8

The Journey

We had to learn about SHG as well as the brands they represented. We worked hard to understand the values and how the SHG brand supported colleagues. We used the existing concept of ‘The Splendid Family’ and proposed a game board based experience that would be simple to facilitate and could be scaled from 2 players upwards. This meant that smaller hotels had an equally brilliant onboarding experience to those hotels that could expect higher numbers of new colleagues.


We looked at the core values, guest experience, benefits, processes, performance and introduced the portfolio to new starters to give a feeling of the scale of the organisation they were joining.


The session was complemented by a 30, 60 and 90 day planning framework that gave a high level view of the key milestones that would be achieved in that timeframe.


We had a clear plan for delivery too. We knew that it would be so powerful for a senior manager in each hotel to deliver the onboarding experience so a Train The Trainer session was developed to experience that game and learn the key skills needed to facilitate brilliantly. Every hotel had a delivery champion and the rollout of the session began. It was so successful, the client chose to share the onboarding approach with every existing colleague – using it to refresh engagement and share how proud they were of the final result.

Splendid Induction Case Study Acceler8

The Change

Employee engagement went up immediately after ‘The Big Game’ was launched. Just months later, turnover had decreased and even now, 4 years later, the game has stood the test of time and is still in play across the business.

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