Westcoast Employee Engagement Case Study Acceler8

Engaging with Performance and Change


If you have ever had a performance review, or ever been shown how to deliver them – you will already know that it can be a dry subject. If you’re trying to revolutionise how you manage performance across your organisation, you will also know that you only really have one chance to make a big splash. Our approach to launching and managing performance conversations for our client did exactly that.

Project Lead: Chris

Chris - Consulting Director Acceler8

The Challenge

When we started work on the project, the approach to performance development at Westcoast was still being finalised, so we had to craft a concept that would be agile enough to respond to any last minute changes in style and approach. We were given a really clear brief – our approach has to be very different to anything that had gone before, it had to be engaging, it had to be informative, it had to inspire participants to put their learning into practice – and it had to be turned around really quickly.

Westcoast Employee Engagement Case Study Acceler8

The Journey

We knew this would need a whole team approach to craft and design a stand-out session. After lots of different ideas that didn’t make the grade, we settled on a game board to facilitate the session.


We designed the content, our creatives got to work to complement the learning with a standout, eye catching design and the ‘PDD Game’ was born. It was a great opportunity to further embed the values too.


We developed a session that managers and colleagues to attend in mixed groups – so that everyone was clear on what it was all about, what the new performance experience looked like and how it would benefit colleagues and the organisation. Our client sponsor was hugely responsive in the eight weeks we had to turn everything around. We crafted, we wrote, we designed and we had all of the supporting materials and game board produced in time for the pilot.


Immediately after the pilot we started to talk about amends and feedback. The first comment from the Head of Learning & Development was “you have surpassed all expectations and blown me away”.


We definitely delivered on the brief and even saw some fantastic feedback from an external facilitator praising the session and the creative tools.


It reinforced that nobody does learning games like we do – although many often try!

Westcoast Employee Engagement Case Study Acceler8

The Change

Beyond the initial responses of delight, we are still in the process of measuring formal outcomes and the benefit this programme has had for Westcoast and its people. When our final review comes in, we'll be sure to update this part!

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