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Employee Engagement

'Look after your people and they will look after your customers' - this phrase has been bandied around for years yet that doesn't make it any less true! We know that when employees are fully invested in the brand they work for they become more effective, making your business more profitable.

"85% of employees are not engaged in the workplace yet companies with highly engaged workforces have been shown to be 21% more profitable." - (Source: Gallup)

Engagement isn't about a one-time solution or circumstance, it needs attention and on-going input. Creativity, innovation, enthusiasm and interest in people are all things required to make it work - four things we just so happen to have by the bucket load!


We can help you engage your people from all levels of the organisation, connecting them to each other, to purpose, mission and values, and help them to feel part of something greater than themselves. And we'll make sure it's done in a way that makes their heads turn every time.

We are in full swing with our PDD Training across the group and the feedback has been fantastic! Our participants are blown away when they come into the room expecting 3 hours of powerpoint slides but are then immersed into a competitive game.

Loiza Tallon

Head of Group Learning & Development - Westcoast

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