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Be more dog

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Here at Acceler8 we love dogs; rescue dog Bo is our chairman (well, basketman really) and most of us have a pooch or two, I am going to suggest an in-house workshop on “Being More Dog”.

We LOVE the Acceler8 purpose “Be happy, be human” and have thought a lot about just what it means to be a happy human.

Our conclusions? Be more dog.

Think about it; when a dog sees another dog, it immediately assesses the likely response it will get. Did you know that dogs give out calming signals? Before they even get close to saying hello, they are letting the approaching dog know they mean them no harm. What if we did that? What if every time someone came towards us we smiled, surely that would get our encounter off to a positive start?

Once the new dog has approached, there will be bottom sniffing – you will be relieved to hear that we are not suggesting we do that – but this is the dogs non-verbal way of checking on the welfare of the newcomer and processing the information they get. We usually start a new conversation with a “Hello, how are you?” but how often are those words sprouted parrot fashion. We know the person who said them did just that. Said them. They take no notice of our reply, which is generally a “Fine thanks how are you?”. What if instead we were more dog and asked them how they are and really listened to what they reply, not just with our ears but by reading the tone of their response. By keeping eye contact and really hearing what we say to each other we can easily learn to hear the meaning behind the words.

Dogs live in the present moment. When they are with us, they are with us, they are enjoying each moment, whether that is eating, playing, working (yes, some dogs do work – not ours of course), sleeping; they throw themselves wholeheartedly into that moment. They are not worrying about what they will be doing later today or tomorrow. They just are. We can so easily apply this philosophy. When we are engaging with someone be it a friend, a client, a work colleague or a partner. Be with them. Whole heartedly.

So in conclusion, the way to be happy be human is be more dog.

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