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Impacting lives. Everyday.

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

I'm extremely proud of what I do. I'm even prouder of what the Acceler8 team achieve together. Simply put, we impact peoples lives for the better. Everyday.

Let me explain how we manage to make such a bold claim.

We work with a wide variety of clients that you probably interact with in your own lives. Somewhere, somehow, you are coming into contact with people we have worked with to improve their capability, confidence, service or leadership.

We've had a role to play:

- when you buy furniture

- when you buy groceries

- when you choose what to do in your free time

- with the hotels you might stay in

- with the airports you might fly from

- with the trains you use to get to work

- in how your food is grown

- when you buy medicines

- with the deliveries you get/make

- when you use a printer or wear a watch

- when you need insurance

- when you choose a large scale IT solution

- when you need travel updates via apps

- when you interact with the media

- when you go out for dinner

- when you use council services

That's quite an achievement for a company of our size, and there are probably some areas that I've missed. The clients we work with are across a wide spectrum of sectors and they all have one thing in common - they want the very best development for their people. They recognise that their people are their biggest asset. A certain Mr Branson has something to say about that here.

We work hard to make sure we develop some great ideas, we bring that all to life with some gorgeous creative learning tools - immersing participants in the learning environment and the key learning messages. Top that off with some of the most talented facilitators in the world who all have a unique way of engaging at every level and I can understand why people choose us.

It's a new year, often that means a new budget and hopefully that means a new approach or a new connection too - you can add me to Linkedin here.

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