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Boarding School

The employee lifecycle has changed. These days it's all about boarding. Let me explain...

There are always new terms for old ways in any sector or industry. What started as Personnel became People via the route of HR. It's all buzz words. The big trend at the moment in the world of people is.... boarding. So let's have a look at some definitions we've put behind the titles.


Attraction and recruitment is key to any people strategy. It might feel like a distant memory to those organisations that are reducing headcount but it will be back. You'll need to make sure you are ready for it.


This is all about induction and settling into the culture. Most companies will lose employees within the first 6 - 12 months if this isn't done effectively, adding cost and time to your recruitment budgets.


Ongoing employee engagement and re-introduction to the company culture and values as needed. It's not just for returning to work after a pandemic, it's has real value at every stage of employment.


This is the art of right sizing your organisation, sometimes referred to as downsizing but may also involve redeployment of skills in different parts of the company. Done with a human focus, this can build advocacy even when people lose their jobs.


Performance management and disciplinary's - ok so I'm joking about that one...

Whatever your thoughts about the terminology, you will need all of these in place to give your people the best experience possible. Catch the wave while you can!

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