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Champagne and Rose Petals

Updated: Apr 7

It’s December 2016 and I’m just checking out of the tallest hotel in the world here in Dubai. This has to be one of the most beautiful hotels I have ever had the privilege of staying in. As you look around there is sheer perfection in the detail lining every corner of the building. There are Ferraris and Lamborghinis parked out the front, people dressed to the nines, and a group of celebrities about to hit the club next door.

Checking out I am greeted by Osama. He asks me how was my stay? As always, it’s amazing and the people working here always look after me very well. I am not impressed by the luxurious surroundings. That may sound ungrateful, but I have been coming here for 5 years straight almost twice a week. What impresses me here, and in general are the connections I make with people like Osama.

I mention to Osama I’m getting married over the weekend. He asks me if we are having a honeymoon. Jokingly I say “yeh here in this hotel, and my wife is coming with me”. On that note, I wave goodbye and say, “see you next week”. No honeymoon for us unfortunately, we are grateful for all the mini holidays we have like; my basketball trip once a year and my wife’s annual shopping trip to Orlando (no husbands allowed).

Home I go, and it’s December 10th, 2016, the big day! My mother-in-law asks me what time I got home last night and how much I had to drink? I may have had my end of season basketball do the night before my wedding. Poor planning by my teammates.

Before we know it, we’re both back in Dubai. Osama is there to greet us. First thing he says to us, “congratulations Mr and Mrs Stone”. I chuckle as my wife kept her maiden name and it winds her up. However, I am impressed he remembered. He hands us only one room key. That’s odd, usually we get separate rooms (our employer provides a room each).

We exit the lift and walk the corridor of the tallest hotel in the world. Walking the corridor we realise he has issued us a suite. Tap the key, “beep”, door opens and WOW! Osama has organised rose petals lined from the door throughout the suite to the bathroom, the bath is filled up, water still warm, champagne organised. I am not even a paying customer, my employer pays for this.

So, am I still not impressed by all the luxury? Well of course this is nice, but what I remember about this is Osama. The thought, the action, the planning, the gesture of kindness to create a memorable experience for my wife and I is what separates him from the rest.

What is this blog about then? Me? Osama? The tallest hotel? No, it’s about Customer Experience. Stay with me, I know that sounds boring already, but this isn’t any boring Customer Experience blog among millions of published articles. It’s personal, and at the end of this I have a gift for you. Sure, I can write a blog about Customer Experience, but you’ll need a coffee to stay awake. Instead, like Osama was there for me, I’m here for you, I’m talking to you, and I want to give you something.

Before I give you a gift, pause and think about that moment someone offered you an exceptional customer experience. How did that make you feel? I’m a big believer in behaviour breeds behaviour, and in my case, I was inspired to spread love and kindness because of someone else’s actions.

So, customer service and providing a memorable experience is simple. I don’t need to write a boring article about it, I can answer it in a few sentences. The answer is, it’s about choosing to make others feel special. It is about connecting with another human being and bringing joy to their lives. You have the power to do this outside the level of expectations, it’s your choice. That’s how you will retain customers, simple.

My gift for you today takes a deeper look into the importance of human connection, communication techniques, customer expectations and how to successfully recover customers. Even if you’re not a service professional, my gift is something that hopefully inspires you to think, reflect, and spread the love and kindness that I received.

I created this with the intention of selling it on to customer service professionals. However, after a long internal discussion we agreed why not give something away for free that can really help organisations and people in customer facing roles.

Click on the link below to take you into my eLearning course designed for service professionals.


At Acceler8 we focus on human connection in everything that we do. Our motto is “Be Happy, Be Human”. We strive to connect the hearts and minds and capture your people at every turn. Don’t be shy, reach out to us at https://www.acceler8training.co.uk/ or me personally and allow us to help you better connect with your customers.

“When it comes down to the customer experience, really it’s the opportunity to touch people’s lives.”


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