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Don't give up when budgets are tight

Imagine the scenario. You are a small business, or a smaller cog in a much larger corporate wheel. You know you need to invest in the development of your people but you just don't have the budget for that. You recognise the importance of engaging your team with great training, but times are tight and you aren't sure you have enough money to achieve what you need.

If your budget is being squeezed, all is not lost.

That same scenario happens up and down the UK every day. Sometimes what starts life as a healthy budget becomes smaller half way through the budget year.

A while back, a client approached me and was really honest about having limited funds available but really wanted to invest in his people and give them some development to enable them to perform at their optimum level. The client was the General Manager of a hotel that was part of a larger chain. He had a strict limit to the amount of money available for team development and challenged me to come up with something effective, engaging and within his economical capability.

So Acceler8 got to work. We looked at what the client needed and used creative ways to design and deliver quarterly workshops throughout the year. The focus was on leadership effectiveness and team effectiveness - and we had to consider a range of experience and aspiration across the team.

We created a journey that would engage, challenge, motivate and change the way the participants worked with each other and with the wider team.

I delivered the programme myself (drawing on my own hospitality and leisure experience) and have now formed a relationship with that team that will continue into the future. So far we've worked on leadership style, self awareness, high performance teams, communication style and engagement techniques. All delivered within budget and with some creative ways of learning.

The four instalments were followed by a request for more and we are now piecing that together so that we can get the most value for the client, and the most effective and beneficial learning for the participants.

This scenario may sound familiar to you. No matter what your budget, never be afraid to get in touch. At Acceler8 we believe in creating great learning experiences and being generous with our time and advice. I've found that there is nearly always something that can be done, no matter what the budget is. Great training should not only be available to large, cash-rich businesses - it should be available to everyone.

So pick up the phone and call us on 01273 443808, send a message to ignite@acceler8training.co.uk, connect on LinkedIn or follow @acceler8train on twitter and let's see what we can do for your people.

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