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Get the most out of Learning Tech 2020

Ok, hands up... who is coming to Learning Technologies in February?

We will be exhibiting, and we would love to see you on Stand F66 (that's the plug out of the way). We have put together a brief plan to help you get the most out of your visit.

1. Make a list of who you think might offer you something different.

There are lots of exhibitors, and all of them will be looking to do business with you. Do you your homework and pinpoint the ones that you think can support what you need to achieve in 2020.

2. Wear comfy shoes

It's a big arena and there will be lots of walking and lots of standing - make sure you aren't heading home by lunchtime because you've got the wrong shoes on!

3. Come and visit us on Stand F66

Obviously. Why wouldn't you?

4. Be really clear about what you need support with

All of the exhibitors will be delighted to help with your challenges - and it will help them and you get the job done more quickly

5. Eat chocolate

You can tell a lot about a company by the standard of chocolate available on their stand. We use the finest Lindt chocolate. Just saying.

6. Don't think it's only e-learning

We've been looking at the exhibitor list and even the exhibition name suggests there will be a lot of learning providers who operate on the electronic platforms. Keep an eye out for the exhibitors that offer so much more than that. Stand F66 springs to mind...

7. Have some sympathy for the exhibitors

It's hard work and we are all human. Making eye contact doesn't mean we are going to force you to sign a contract - it's soul destroying when people walk past without saying hello. We are there all the way through both days so we'd love lots of different conversations

8. Make connections

It's networking on speed. All of the L&D decision makers in the same place. Take lots of business cards and get the conversation started.

We would love to meet you and have a chat with you - let's see how Acceler8 can support your business and help you achieve your objectives this year.

Be Happy. Be Human.

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