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Goodbye Acceler8, again!

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Now the year is coming to a close and we head into Christmas it is my time to leave Acceler8.

This experience has taught me far more than I can put into words, and with so many giggles along the way! I feel so lucky that I’ve been able to hold on to my internship for longer than originally planned. Now with 6 months of working in a Digital Marketing role under my belt I feel like I can dip my toe into the workforce with bucket-loads more confidence than when I started. I wish I could stay, but I have made the decision to focus on my University work for the last 6 months I have left of it, as I have a dissertation to write! I didn’t think it would be fair on the team to have my attention so divided. But perhaps when I graduate I may return! Who knows. If anything this role has taught me that the opportunities life throws at you can be entirely unpredictable!

Reflecting on this role brings a smile to my face, I’m so grateful for all the fun we’ve had together as a team. Since going down to working one day a week from summer I’ve really appreciated the flexibility and understanding offered to me from the Acceler8 team. In fact, when they offered me the role to continue on they all told me that “Of course, university work comes first”; which yes is what I thought but I was surprised to hear they thought so too! In all my previous roles when I’ve requested some flexibility around deadline season I would usually expect a hard no, especially as Christmas is such a busy time for the retail sectors.

I’ve really appreciated Acceler8’s dedication to work with me as much as I’ve wanted to work with them. Over my time here I have grown in confidence, I have found myself speaking up more in group discussions regarding the business and I haven’t been overshadowed, I may not know much about inner business operations but I’m never made to feel inadequate, my input is still valid. Also, if it’s waaay off the mark, they don’t just tell me that and leave it there, but they explain what they’re talking about. So I’ve actually learned much more about business in general rather than sticking to my digital marketing lane!

I just wanted to write this blog to say a big thank you to Chris, David and Marcus. I wish Acceler8 Training the brightest of all futures as I know you all deserve it, I‘ve seen how hard you work! Thank you for allowing me this opportunity in which I could comfortably learn at my own pace, it’s a truly invaluable experience.

See you all on the flip side!

Annie x

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