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Great learning is child's play

Think back to when learning new stuff was fun. Families playing a new board game, the engineering of ever more complex sandcastles on the beach or creating amazing inventions in an art and craft lesson using some magazines and a cornflake box. This blog looks at how we can harness child's play to learn better.

As children we are always learning and great teachers go out of their way to engage us and make learning inspiring. I can still name the teachers that inspired me in primary school.

Then adulthood arrives and we find that we must continue to learn in the workplace. Often we lose our natural curiosity to learn over time and many organisations do nothing to engage you in your learning journey.

"We've done all this before" syndrome takes over.

I'm a firm believer in fun. The team love having fun. You probably love having fun too. There is no need for adult learning in the workplace to be dull. At Acceler8 Training we want our participants to enjoy the learning experience so we go out of our way to make sure our face to face training is as engaging, as inventive and as fun as we can make it. Everyone's definition of fun is different of course, so we work hard to engage all the different learning styles.

We completed an induction programme for a hotel company. We banned the boring organisational charts and binned the powerpoint approach and invented a board game format for the client. Instantly engaging and packed full of learning activity, the solution really allowed the participants to immerse themselves in their new role.

You can see more about this project on our website. Just visit us at www.acceler8training.co.uk/casestudyonboarding

We all learn in our own way, so when a large retailer approached us to look at their Management Designate programme, we thought of ways to breathe new life into traditional topics. Impactful presenting, interviewing skills, getting things done and coaching all got the Acceler8 VIP (very important participants) treatment.

We've worked with the same retailer to make the most of the annual review process, investing time in their managers to make sure we get the best out of the limited time we all have to manage performance effectively. I still get so excited when I see the difference one of our sessions makes. It's sometimes a bit of a cliche to talk about 'light bulb moments' but that is the beautiful part of facilitation, participants discover the outcomes for themselves. There's no room for 'tell' with us.

A client in the fintech sector really needed to encourage a culture of open feedback within the organisation, and wanted to build a cohesive and high performing leadership team. We worked hard to understand how their organisation worked and put together a gorgeous introduction to leadership and a series of feedback roadshows across the different office locations. Loads of activity and some really simple, practical tools to keep the learning alive - we are confident that feedback is becoming a way of life for them now.

Late in 2017, another hospitality client approached us to put together a simple, fun and effective customer service programme. We quickly identified that the key areas were getting the basics right, service recovery and team communication - so that's exactly what we designed. We developed 14 internal champions to deliver the three sessions and 'Can Do. Will Do' was born. It's doing well too - lots of 9's and 10's from participant feedback and a noticeable change in guest feedback too.

Working across many different sectors is great for the team too. We are always learning something new and discovering how different sectors and organisations work. We make our own learning fun too - we have to practice what we preach after all! Don't confuse child's play with childish though. We work with multiple intelligences as human beings so we work with those intelligences in all of our training too.

If these challenges sound familiar and you want to try something new, get in touch. We'd love to ignite the fire in your people.

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