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Updated: May 11, 2018

In a recent article for the Harvard Business Review, Whitney Johnson, coach, speaker and innovation thinker wrote ‘the human brain is designed to learn, not just during our childhood school years but throughout our life spans .... managers would do well to remember that’.

We would all do well to think back to our creative, active childhood play and learning, as creativity, activity and learning have a special relationship, they are intrinsically linked … you could say they’re ‘joined at the hip’! This is when learning truly sticks. Harnessing the traits from our childhood; our inquisitiveness, our enquiring mind and our dog-eared determination to problem solve are the traits we would could all benefit from re-engaging with.

These traits are what shaped and informed our experience. At Acceler8 Training we are inspired by the human experience and it’s continual learning process. We learn from our environment, our emotions, and our imagination. We feel that the learning process can be enhanced by sparking the human experience and reverting to learning in a creative and active way. In fact, we learn on a deeper level through creativity and creative pursuits. Creativity can cultivate determination, resilience, flexibility and individuality as well as enhance team bonding, alignment and focus. The more active, the more creative, the more fun a training session is, the more memorable, the more impactful it is, the more it sticks!

Think back to when your learning was active, creative and fun, that’s exactly what we do. We incorporate all that into our training programmes. By introducing creativity and activity to a training programme, it can give the attendees a more active role in their own learning. Our training facilitators often design board games as a way of driving a training session forward. This in turn leads to a series of activities involving the attendees in making actual physical things and thus expressing their creativity. We don’t ask attendees to replicate Tracy Island, but... sticky-back plastic and empty toilet rolls may be involved!

We’ve seen results from the use of dexterous activities such as jigsaw puzzles and sorting and ordering cards, during training sessions. The function of these activities is to speed up the learning and help drive sessions forward and increase output and flow. When your hands are busy, your mind thinks more freely and can clarify and confirm thoughts more succinctly. Above all activity and creativity make a session more memorable which translates in to a higher learning.

It becomes more than just learning, it embeds itself as experience.

When employees mentally check out, this can be a way to bring them back in. Incorporating creativity and activity in learning helps to encourage independent and critical thinking, it aids in analysing the task at hand and thus solving problems creatively. At Acceler8, our intention is to find the most creative tools, the most innovative methods to get your employees back on track and back on board. We design the training with you and your employees in mind and craft an exciting and engaging programme they will both enjoy and learn from.

Acceler8 training is more fun, more memorable, more impactful.

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