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I don't want a pay increase!

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

At Acceler8, we are advocates of a great employee experience, but at the end of the day do we just see the money? Does it really all come down to pay? Studies show that employee satisfaction comes from many different factors and salary isn’t always the driving force. Here are some key tips for keeping your people happy without smashing your HR budget.

These 'secrets' are from Business News Daily on how to keep your people happy without destroying your budget.

Be transparent One of the most important ways to maintain staff loyalty is to keep them in the loop about how the company is performing. It’s been proven that openness and transparency in the office increases an employee’s happiness at work, so be honest, whether business is or isn’t booming. At Acceler8, we share all aspects of our performance with our people - and they are totally invested in our success as a result.

Create a healthy work-life balance Having a good work-life balance is the Holy Grail for most of us and is key to a healthy mind, spirit and body. Encourage flexibility, try to ensure that your people go home on time, and focus on their productivity rather than if they rack up endless working hours.

Encourage communication in common areas There’s something to be said about having a water-cooler moment. Having an area where casual conversation is possible will stimulate relationships between your people and management and will naturally make people feel more at ease. You'll be amazed too, at what you discover.

Build a career pathway One way to encourage an employee’s loyalty and longevity is by investing in them. Offer career coaching and training within the organisation and the foresight to help your employees grow and develop.

Recognise and reward employees We all like a pat on the back now and again. So when your employees go that extra mile, ensure you recognise it, even with a simple ‘Well done’ or a handwritten note.

Try to reduce emails and meetings “Many employees feel that a flooded inbox and a constant string of meetings waste time and hinder productivity. Replace some of those emails and meetings with technology that helps them save time and collaborate more efficiently,” says Sydney Sloan, director of customer and social marketing at Jive.

Offer added benefits beyond the basics Think about your reputation (or brand) as an employer. Consider offering special perks for your employees, such free posh coffee or gym memberships. Have bowls of fruit around the office, start walking groups at lunchtime or find other ways to boost employee health. It’s a key part of employer branding. We provide a fridge of soft drinks and 'gin club'. There are no rules around either, if you fancy it - help yourself.

Keep in touch regularly and ask employees for their input Whether it’s a one-on-one coffee meeting or an after-work social, try connecting with your staff on a regular basis to make them feel heard and worthwhile. Give them room for free thinking and allow them involvement in the company by listening to their ideas.

Include your people in the company’s bigger picture “The best benefit you can provide to your employees is the opportunity to make a difference through their work and help guide the course of the company,” says Anthony Smith, founder and CEO of Insightly. “Benefits such as clear and frequent communication on company happenings, individual and department direction, and big-picture company direction will make all the difference to an employee’s happiness.”

All of these things have one thing in common - they are centred around human connection. What's important to one of your team, won't be so impactful for another, so get to know everyone and see if you can think of innovative and non-costly ways of bringing your employee proposition to life.

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