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Ignite the imagination!

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

I've just seen an article online that made the bold statement 'Anyone can be taught anything if they are inspired enough to pay attention' and it really struck a chord with me.

As a learning and development professional, I have always championed the cause when it comes to people learning new things. I fundamentally believe that we all have the capacity to learn and therefore change our behaviours (handy... considering my job!).

I've always been advocate for an inspiring learning environment and I've always insisted on topics being delivered in an engaging and memorable way. I've seen it from the corporate world, and I've experienced it as a consultant too, and whichever way you look at it, if you can manage to ignite the fire in a participant with any subject then the learning will stick.

This article from The Guardian explores the power of our own imagination in making learning stick. I'm a massive fan of storytelling, providing it doesn't become about facilitator ego and that there is a point of learning attached, as it reinforces the memory triggers in all of our brains. The hook with a past event, or a relevant memory is enough to embed that learning and make it relevant - the only real way to make learning stick.

At Acceler8 Training we look at how we can inspire learners and ignite their fire, re-engaging them with their brand, empowering them to fall in love with their jobs again, and setting the scene for some really engaging environments. We are going to stick with our ethos of generating great ideas, designing gorgeous creative learning tools, delivering engaging training and adding all of those together to ignite the fire in your people.

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