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Proud. Playful. Curious. Courageous.

Four words have never felt a more accurate reflection of Acceler8 and our talented, committed colleagues - somehow those words feel so much more than values right now. We have lived and breathed them during the pandemic just like old times.

I've just written the back to work email for our people to start returning to the office from remote working and or furlough leave on July 1st. I'm also fresh from watching a video on Linkedin from a business owner who was overcome with emotion at the prospect of reopening hospitality and the mountain that we all still have to climb.

I'm dedicating this blog to Acceler8's people. I'm sat here in our new (empty!) HQ. There's a plasterer finishing off the meeting room that won't see much use for the time being, there are some pumping tunes coming through the Sonos. It's 4,000 degrees outside and I'm just in awe of my colleagues.

We've kept our humour, albeit dark sometimes. We've stayed playful on video calls - in fact our playfulness even led us to launch our video cards so others could have as much fun as we did!. We are all insanely curious about the future and our new ways of working and we've all had courageous decisions to make.

Often people mistakenly think Acceler8 is all about me. I've always known that to be untrue. We are the sum of all of our parts. Our response to Covid has proved that. Everyone has been 100% committed and driven to continue to do great work. We've had some great projects to continue working on through the pandemic and we chose to continue the sales effort. I hope nobody felt bombarded or thought that inappropriate - we decided to continue selling to protect our futures. We've pivoted like you wouldn't believe. We won a grant to transform ourselves into a digitally capable business, we designed and delivered new test interventions in days rather than weeks.

My colleagues have shown determination, stamina, resilience and above all else humility. I'm very emotional when I think about the work our people have achieved. They have responded to everything we have asked of them and I am proud to be able to welcome my friends back to the office at the beginning of July.

What's next for us? I was worried at beginning of lockdown. I wasn't sure we would survive as our diaries were wiped out and everything cancelled. I'm not worried now. I know we've got the best people in the business and we are all ready to climb that mountain. We've got our regular clients and we are getting new enquiries too.

As the world starts to slowly recover, please consider working with the smaller businesses, the smaller providers. You get more for your money and you are genuinely making a difference to the economy. You might need help with re-boarding, you might have less resource in your L&D or People functions than you had before. You might need to re-design your training offering to work brilliantly in the digital world or you might just need to start looking at new projects to support the business.

Whatever you need, we are ready and we can't climb this mountain without you.

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