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So the journey for me with Acceler8 Training started 18 months ago when Chris and I were introduced in a small meeting room in Brighton. Back then Acceler8 was but a new and embryonic start-up with big ideas. First impressions? I loved Chris's energy and his sense of humour. He inspired me from day one and a beautiful partnership was quickly born. I took on the role of Client Engagement which is a just a posh way of me saying that I picked up the phone when Chris was too scared to! 

There is a big difference between knowing your stuff inside out and being able to speak confidently on the phone with someone you have never met before. And, when someone calls you, the energy is always different than when you are brave enough to make the call and sell yourself. It's disarming and requires nerves of steel, not to mention a thick skin and a need to not take yourself too seriously. All that's hard though when you are starting out and feel so sensitive about your business and need it to start making money. It's nothing short of a massive relief when you can hand that task over to someone else and see results come in.

For me, selling Chris and his business was easy. Everyone loves him! Once you get him in a room with people it's very hard not to be sucked in by his charisma, charm and sense of fun and he doesn't lose professionalism either which is a very rare combination. He never fails to deliver and people never cease to be impressed with his ideas and what he has to offer. 

So I kept on selling and leads kept on coming in and before long, Acceler8 Training and it's host of associates were super busy and happily living the dream. In such a short space of time, many conferences in, lessons learned, tears and giggles shared, we are well on the way to celebrating the third year in business here. It's continuously exciting, rewarding and never stops being fun. 

Coming to work is a pleasure. Before I met Chris I was just about ready to give up the ghost with the corporate world but Chris helped me to realise it didn't all have to feel arduous and laden with bureaucracy and red tape. We had a formula that has successfully shown we can cut through that together and it's a delight to know that business can be done differently and that the world is ready - finally - for that! It's taken many years of feeling like on a hamster wheel so to work with an organisation that breathes fresh air in to a stale way of working is brilliant! 

We have said goodbye to our Intern Ollie (we miss you Ollie!), welcomed a new starter here in Marcus (welcome!) and continue to expand our network of trusted and experienced associate training and development experts. The Acceler8 family keeps on growing and we keep on falling in love with our brand and all that we stand for. We would love to help you to do the same and to get your people back in the fold and on board with feeling inspired again and loving what they do, just as much as we do. ​

P.S I don't get a pay rise for writing this by the way :0) 

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