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Small Business. Big Induction

We are in the final stages of recruiting a new member of the Acceler8 HQ team and as part of that experience, we are completely re-visiting our induction and on-boarding process.

We design some amazing induction experiences for larger clients all the time. We find ways of using games, activities, film and all manner of other innovations to engage a group of new employees right from the get-go.

When you have one new starter at a time, and infrequently, we have no need for that approach but we still want to practice what we preach. On-boarding is in our DNA. It's our finest opportunity to build engagement and it's crucial in supporting the longevity of our relationship with our people.

So here's what we are doing.

Day one is a Friday.

Why not? Come in to Acceler8 HQ for a day, confirm that you've made the right decision in coming to join us and learn some groovy stuff about how we do things. We'll give you your welcome book, personalised for you and with lots of space to write down your thoughts and questions as you go along. It's Friday so that means drinks and an early finish. Then you have the whole weekend to recharge, celebrate and get ready for your next adventure with us.

We thought long and hard before we decided this was a great idea. It's an opportunity for a few days off before starting - to tie up all of those loose ends. It's different to the normal Monday induction day. We hope we manifest the Friday feeling in our office all of the time, and in the way we do business, so we think it will work well for induction too.

It's not all in the office.

We don't want any part of induction to be repetitive or dull. Variety is the spice of life so we are varying the locations for the induction experience. We are completely flexible in our approach to work and we are completely happy with home working (it's a trust thing isn't it?). So one day in that first full week will be working with Chris (and Bo!) at home. A relaxed environment, lots of coffee and a different environment that can drive discussion and some creative thinking. We fully expect there to be a visit to the beach too.

Keeping it simple.

We absolutely believe our people are as invested in our success as we are. We don't work with probation periods. Why would we recruit someone we didn't think would perform brilliantly in the role? We talk a lot about coaching with our clients, so of course we are going to set the bar here. Regular catchups, lots of feedback (and that works both ways), even an opportunity to pick your job title!

There's lots more that we will no doubt add in as we go along, but first things first... we need to finish the recruitment experience and decide who will be joining us at Acceler8 HQ!

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