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The impact of a self-aware leader

The infographic above shows the headlines, so let's explore them here too.

Self aware leaders are able to recognise their strengths and weaknesses. More importantly they can do this authentically and not just as a tick box exercise. A heightened level of self awareness also affords an understanding of the impact you have on others. When you consider that only 13% of the workforce are actively engaged at work, it might be fair to suggest that leaders have more work to do in this area.

Time for another statistic? 63% of employees don't trust their leader. Think about that for a minute. Without trust, what basis do you have for healthy and productive relationships at work? When you are able to admit mistakes, you'll make better decisions as a result - increasing trust with your colleagues.

When you are aware of your own thoughts, behaviours and impact, you naturally become a more inclusive leader. You'll be making time for all voices to be heard and your organisation will thank you for it. Companies with great, inclusive cultures perform up to four times better than those that miss the mark in this area.

Still looking for a reason to invest in your self-discovery journey? Where strong self-awareness is apparent, leaders are more likely to be considered as 'high performing', meet and exceed their objectives and, as they will have greater trust and loyalty, employee turnover will reduce.

Bottom line? It saves you money and it makes you money too. Even more importantly, you'll have a workplace culture that inspires, motivates, supports and where your people can thrive and be happy.

It's time to get in touch with us and start (or continue) your leadership journey.

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