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The rise of the 'super-customer'

Let’s face it, customers have changed. We must change with them and evolve our approach to customer service. If we don’t, we run the risk of losing, even alienating our customers. Of course, it’s not enough to just offer a product or service. Good customer service has always needed to be up to scratch, but in today’s more dynamic, connected and competitive society, it’s become imperative to offer the best and all-encompassing service there is.

Customers are more intimately involved with us now. Due to the meteoric rise in social media, they don’t just want a piece of the action …. they want a piece of you! They want the experience, they want the relationship, they want it all! The relationship with customers has become a public one too, meaning the way we interact and deal with customers has never before been so open to public scrutiny as it is now. Stumble with your customer service standards and one damning comment can be posted up for all to see. So, all hail the rise of the ‘super customer’ and their high expectations.

As their expectations rise, so should our level of service. Customers expect a more immediate, more personal, yet openly public experience too. Your service has a more far reaching and deeper impact than ever before.

So how do you rise to the occasion? Faye Spiller finds out...

Be proactive rather than reactive: Customers are looking for quicker response times, instant wins, resolutions and dynamite efficiency, but they also want empathy, trust and honesty. Customers are always ‘on’ now and we can’t get away with just fulfilling our basic customer service standards. It’s go hard or go home! Do or die! Sink or swim or any other analogies you want to throw at it! It’s time to revisit your customer service standards. At Acceler8 Training we can help with that. Revisiting the level of service your team is providing is key. How engaged are they with the customer, how decisive are they when it comes to decision making, how much flexibility have you afforded them? Customers require quick thinking and speedy resolutions. Investing in the right training and developing the necessary skills will help resolve customer issues in a satisfactory way. But your team needs to go above satisfactory and provide an excellent and exemplary experience every time.

Investing in training will instil confidence in your team to make informed decisions and to be proactive rather than reactive to the customer’s needs. Investing in the team’s success is paramount to the team investing in the customer’s success and experience. Empowering the team and embedding confidence in the team will lead to both shared and individual satisfaction, therefore improving productivity and retention and what do you know …. better customer service and satisfaction, which will translate into revenue.

Tackle customer disconnect: Staying connected and being part of the customer’s ‘journey’ is what customers now expect. When disconnect between departments occurs, it occurs in the customer’s experience and your relationship with them as well. The gaps start to show. Don’t let them become voids. There’s nothing worse than being passed from department to department having to explain your issues repeatedly. Ensuring you’re all working on the same page, with the same common purpose will help prevent or alleviate customer disconnect.

Change your mindset: A change in mindset to be more customer-focussed rather than cost-focussed is helpful. More and more businesses are investing time and money in developing the customer experience and therefore raising their service standards. It’s time to raise your game. When you consistently get it right, you’ll get your reward in customer loyalty and public referrals and testimonials.

Craft the customer experience: This is vital. Consider the customer’s whole experience from start to finish and beyond. How they interact with you and how you interact with them will be key. Be mindful of the customer’s ‘journey’ (I used the j word again) at every step. How can the experience be steered in a specific way? How do you want it to look, how should it feel? Crafting a positive customer experience from the very first step and following through will keep customers coming back and best of all, they’ll tell the world about it!

All hail the ‘Super Customer’ and here’s to you raising your customer service game!

To find out how we can help you improve your customer experience training for your people, please do get in touch.


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