To Tweet or not To Tweet; How I Deal with a Lack of Inspiration

It's strange, today I could feel myself starting to get wound up because I was so uninspired but 'needed' to schedule a tweet. This has happened before where my anxious tendencies kick in and if I can't think of anything, then I am (clearly) not worthy in my position as the Digital Presence Executive.

It's quite bizarre really - a tweet can be considered as just some sort of throwaway statement, but then when you come across a successful one with high levels of engagement, you kick yourself for not coming up with it yourself. I started to reflect on this a bit more, the discourse on being active and productive everyday, and how it manifests in today's workers. I reckon this is why the phrase 'employee burnout' has gained so much popularity in the last few years. The way in which our work is evaluated, both by managers and ourselves; work that is high productivity, quick turnaround and exemplary dedication is incredibly valuable to businesses.

But... there are just some days where nothing comes to you, and the harder you try to get there the further away it gets. For any Harry Potter fans - think of this as the Devil's Snare in the first book and film - "You have to relax. If you don't it will only kill you faster!"

I'm so lucky to be with a company where I can admit I'm struggling, I often couple it with going for a walk. I find this helps, just to be in a more dynamic and less predictable environment. I'm sitting in the Brighton Laines as I write this in fact. It's good to take all these senses in, the smell of the cafe opposite me, the sound of cars and people talking around me, the gentle breeze in my hair. And now, just by going outside I've managed to write 4 paragraphs.

Shame really, it's definitely way over 140 characters.


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