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What's important to Chris?

In our continuing 'introducing the team' blog series, it's time to meet Chris. As a co-founder of the company, it has been his vision and aspirations for the training world that have driven Acceler8 Training to become what it is today.  

Co-founder and Director, Chris Duncan-Scott

Tell us about Acceler8 Training...

C: What can I say? Acceler8 Training was a kind of happy accident! I had always dreamed of setting up my own business and as learning and development is my history, my passion and in my DNA , I thought it was the obvious route to take. I've always been really clear about what we stand for. It's all about great ideas, gorgeous creative to bring the training to life and engaging content that keeps participants interested in their learning. I believe that every organisation should have great training, irrespective of budget. That is one of the reasons why we introduced 'Ready-to-go' sessions that allow clients to have access to briliant training with gorgeous creative and a fantastically talented facilitator even when finances are tight. It's already developed so we don't amend or bespoke anything (as the name suggests). We also have our bespoke offering too - something for every budget. Sharpie markers and post-it notes have an enormous role in our organisation too.

What do you think makes a great training session?

C: It really depends on the session, but I know what I enjoy when I am a participant. I like to be able to take part, reflect, challenge some issues and feel like it's not a waste of time. It's a big investment so it has to be useful and it has to meet it's objectives. I think the content and creative go hand in hand to keep learners stimulated but never underestimate the power of a fantastic facilitator.  

What’s important to Acceler8 Training?

C: It's important that we 'practice what we preach'. Being a small organisation has it's challenges when it comes to great inductions, benefits, working environments and all those things that the big companies can influence without too much effort. So we focus on thinking differently. We have well-being days, really generous holidays - in fact we are thinking about making leave unlimited. I think everything we do is geared towards making people's lives better. That might be our own people, or our clients who afford us enormous trust to spend time with their teams. 

Tell us about your values.

C: We keep it simple. There are only four that we all live by:

Integrity – even when no-one is looking

Brilliant everyday – be the best you can be

Generous – with time, advice and others

Be You – celebrate individuality in everyone

It doesn't need to be any more complicated than that! Quite often I think of another and everyone reminds me that what I'm thinking fits into those four anyway. 

What are you excited about?

C: There are lots of things that I'm excited about. I'm really looking forward to World of Learning this year as I am speaking about first time manager challenges and we are getting more and more compliments from clients about our work. They are saying we are really refreshing to work with as we keep it simple and fun, and we are in the rare category of allowing you to keep everything we do for you without any ongoing fees. I'm also really pleased that we are working with such a broad range of sectors. We now have clients in fintech, pharma, hospitality, leisure, transportation, aviation... and it's ever growing. I'm very pleased with the way the business is going - it's surpassing all expectations and it's looking set to continue that way. I am hugely grateful to everyone who has supported us. Our people, our clients and our friends. I'm indebted to David as well for being there all the way through this journey. 

Visit us online to find out more about what we do, everyday. 


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