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What's important to David?

We thought it would be a good idea to introduce you to the team at Acceler8 Training and to get an insights into what is important to them. In this blog, we meet David. As co-founder of the company, he has been with us from the very start.

Co-founder and Director, David Duncan-Scott

Tell us about Acceler8 Training...

D: When we set up the business in 2015, we knew we have to be different. Chris has always thought he could do things better and had been really frustrated during his time as Head of Learning & Development that external agencies just couldn’t seem to hit the mark. He always said he wanted to provide the complete service, so I supported him setting up Acceler8 Training. Our proposition is simple – we have great ideas, gorgeous creative and engaging training. We consistently find ways to bring that ethos into everything we do.

What do you think makes a great training session?

D: I’ve sat through many in my time and so often I’ve experienced hundreds of powerpoint slides with the trainer reading each slide to us. I've also experienced great training too. I like to get involved, feel comfortable to contribute when I want to, and I like an engaging facilitator that you can have some fun with. I also like to feel that any training I’ve received is useful to me and that I will use it.

What’s important to Acceler8 Training?

D: Our people are everything. I am often completely overwhelmed by how consistently brilliant they are. The passion, commitment and sheer likeability of everyone is what makes us so popular with clients.

Tell us about your values.

D: We keep it simple. There are only four that we all live by:

Integrity – even when no-one is looking

Brilliant everyday – be the best you can be

Generous – with time, advice and others

Be You – celebrate individuality in everyone

Everything that is important to us as a business fits in perfectly with those descriptions, and really are a great reflection of how we do business and how we work with others. They don’t need to be plastered across the wall either – our recruitment experience is completely aligned to them – so we know our people behave that way naturally.

What are you most excited about?

D: We have grown rapidly this year, and all indications are that that will continue. Our team is growing, our client list is growing and we are taking on projects that we never thought we would win. Most importantly we are changing the way a lot of people experience training, and that can only be a positive thing. You've only got to look at www.acceler8training.co.uk/about-us to see how exciting it is!

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