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When tech complements face to face learning!

More and more, we’ve realised that our clients need a mix of exceptional face to face learning complemented with some outstanding technology. We’ve also realised at Acceler8 Training that technology isn’t our strong point and we needed to ‘get with the programme’. So, we decided to look for a partner that we could work with to deliver the extras that our customers want. We chose to partner with our technology heroes, Ocasta, with their Oplift platform, because of its approach to engagement and learning. They mirror everything that is important to us and they do it excellently.

Importantly though, technology is not a replacement for face to face training but rather an enhancement on what has been learnt. We look at it as a way of embedding what’s happened in the classroom, meaning learning doesn’t just stop once you’ve left the room. In fact, using complementary training technology opens the potential for fresh learning by combining immersive training methods. We’re aiming to meet the needs of the learner by providing these blended learning solutions.

But how do these methods go hand in hand and complement each other? Tech can add to a physical learning session, by following it up in a self-paced, self-directed manner. The learner can utilise the online resources, apps, podcasts, videos, and the technology can cleverly respond to the learner’s own performance and pace. It builds upon the learner’s engagement with easy to use systems and therefore reinforcing what has been learnt in the classroom.

Learning solutions have been dragged in to the 21stcentury luckily, and gone are the days of the clunky old company intranets and learning management systems … remember those? Here are the days of swish, streamlined digital platforms where everything is in one place, available at an instant, anywhere at any time. Therefore, encouraging and enabling the learner to discover content themselves, which helps with retaining the learning too.

Technology can provide insightful diagnostics to help you move forward and highlight where there may be shortfalls in catering for employees’ diverse learning styles. Combining tech and face to face enables a robust, immersive and effective learning experience, allowing learners to freely view and review training materials at their own pace. Technology can also help with timing …. allowing speedy access to training materials which can be used when gaps in skills and knowledge have been identified. And of course, there’s the advantages of tracking assessment, analytics and diagnostics, identifying compliance and progress or where there are still under performances.

We’re onboard and we will be offering bespoke face to face training to our clients with the addition of Ocasta products. These tech-based solutions will embed the learning, communicate new messages and reinforce the messages we deliver in the classroom.

To see how we’ve ‘got with the programme’ please get in touch with us at Acceler8 Training HQ

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