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Which path are you taking:

A Digital, Face to Face or Blended Path?

Leadership &
Induction &
Personality Profiling

We're all about people; how they feel in the workplace, how they learn, how they interact. With over 20 years' experience working with brands across the globe, we are experts in making people happy at work. 

All of our training features eye-catching, impactful graphics and activity led learning to engage your people in more ways than ever before. In the modern world of AI, human connection remains key. 

Our programmes and initiatives have supported businesses to experience:

Increase in positive communication within teams

Increase in internal

brand engagement

Higher speed of

learning transfer

How can your programme be delivered?

Every project we engage with is different which means the solutions we curate will be different each time. As a foundation, every project features these five key areas;

  1. Knowledge Collaboration

  2. Creative Design

  3. Immersive Activity

  4. Expert Facilitation

  5. Measurement

 The way in which your people experience your programme can be a large factor in the long term impact of it. Our four main methods of delivery can be singular, or multiple can be knitted together, and each method can feature a combination of gamification, video/animation, facilitated discussion and storytelling.


Whatever you choose, we will design and deliver your project in a way that works for you and ensures powerful end results for your people.

What is a workshop?

Great for more immersive sessions, offering participants a chance to collaborate, discover and reflect with the brain-space to do so effectively. 


Most often half-day or full day sessions, these can be increased to a series of days.

Designed with remote learners in mind, virtual classrooms can be facilitator or device led whilst harnessing human connection. 

Typically shorter sessions than face to face, these are great as refreshers and highly effective when used in a blended approach.

Virtual Classroom Icon.png

Sessions designed to fit in with an existing programme you're running or for you to deliver as and when you need. 

These are written to be deconstructed, allowing you to implement the same learning in different orders.

Plug & Play
What is plug & play?

Some learning needs a longer road to pick up properly. We offer continuous improvement as a way to develop and grow knowledge (and apply this) over a period of time. 

Decided by you, this can be over a number of weeks or months.

What is continuous improvement?

We love working with Acceler8! They have such a creative flair and vision – they have even managed to make Inclusion and Diversity fun! Couldn't recommend them highly enough.

Abigail West

Head of People at Higgidy

Now you've seen how your project could be delivered, head on over and see how we develop and design it.